Green divide growing across Atlantic

European and American IT directors' views on green technology splitting according to Gartner
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Gartner has said that there is a growing gap between European IT directors and their US counterparts over the future that green technology has to play during the current recession.

In its latest study into the sector, the research firm found that a large proportion of European IT directors are not planning on cutting back on their green projects, whereas many of their US counterparts are vocally predicting that green technology will fall behind as priorities shift toward protecting themselves from the current recession.

According to the results, 46 per cent of Europeans said that they believe at least 15 per cent of their IT budgets would continue to focus on green projects, such as video conferencing and green procurement – especially if it helps to reduce costs.

"The need to paint cost cutting as green to make it interesting is gone," research vice president at Gartner, Rakesh Kumar stated. "For technology and service providers, when considering positioning a solution as green, providers need to consider whether it will save organisations money in less than 12 to 24 months.

"If not, they need to focus on the green benefits within the context of a broader business case for sustainability."


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