Government pledges £158 million for high tech research

Parliament looks to stimulate long term growth with e-infrastructure investment
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The Government has pledged around £158 million for investment in digital infrastructure and high-level research.

These investments include £43 million for the creation of ARCHER, a new national supercomputer that will support advanced research, £30 million for the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus, which researches product development software, £24 million for high capacity data storage and £31 million for high capacity networking.

“We should not think of infrastructure as just roads and railways – it’s also the networks and systems that underpin our world-leading science and research base. This ambitious and forward-looking programme of investment will be vital for businesses and universities alike. It will improve research and manufacturing processes and reduce the time and money it takes to bring a product to market.

“This will drive growth and innovation across a whole range of sectors and ensure our leading institutions and companies are able to exploit the very latest technology.”