Google's Project Glass augmented reality project

Futuristic video depicts a heads up display providing a hands free digital assistant based on Google services.
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VIDEO: Google has unveiled the much-rumoured augmented reality eyeware as Project Glass from the tech giant's Google[x] 'skunkworks' laboratory.

"We think technology should work for you - to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t," said a post on a new Google+ profile for Project Glass.

Listed as co-authors of the post are Google luminaries including Google research chief Sebastian Thrun, Google X product manager Steve Lee and biology/electronic engineering academic lead product management Babak Amir Parviz.

Other than the Google+ post and a YouTube video, Google isn't revealing a lot of information about Project Glass - stating that the firm was only revealing the project "because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input."

The revealed slender glasses themselves appear to project a visual HUD into the user's field of vision. The video shows various Google services such as calendars, maps navigation and communication tasks through the first-person viewpoint of the protagonist.

Voice recognition appears key with the star of the video issuing such commands as "remind me to buy a ticket for Monsieur Gayno tonight" after seeing a poster advertising the musician.

See the Project Glass "One day..." video below.