Gear4 launches summer 2007 range

Bluetooth gadgets and iPod accessories galore
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Gear4 has launched a hardware range for 2007, consisting of bluetooth gadgets and ipod specific accessories. The company plans to cash in on the wireless revolution as well as the lucrative accessories market. And the time couldn't be more perfect, as most PC's and mobiles now come Bluetooth built in.

Products launched include wireless headphones - which connect to your ipod or MP3 via the plug in bluetooth port, wireless stereo speakers also connectable via Bluetooth and controllable by a remote control. Also, BluEye is an innovation that allows mobile phone connection, FM radio and remote control for iPod, meaning users can make and take calls from their MP3 players.

Additionally Gear4 has launched several iPod accessories including cases, wallets, micro speakers and a cassette adaptor capable of playing your ipod tunes without the need for a auxiliary head unit in car or on stereo.



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