Gates: Tech revolution has no limits

Bill Gates celebrates vitality of the industry and predicts near future innovations. 
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In a speech delivered to a forum in Beijing, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has said that rather than reaching a plateau, technology will continue getting better and better. As well as a general optimism for the industry, he also made specific predictions towards the way technology was going, such keyboards being replaced by speech recognition software.

"I'm often asked, is the technology revolution going to reach an end? Is the improvement in the chips and the software, will that start to slow down as we reach some limits?" He said. "The answer is certainly in the decades ahead, we don't see any limits. We see in fact the power will just get better and better."

Gates predicted that in the near future that cheap and internet connected electronic tablets would replace student’s textbooks. He also claimed that televisions would soon become fully wired, reported Reuters.

"We see TV changing to use the Internet because now we have enough bandwidth to do not just normal video but also movies or business meetings, video of any type,” he continued. “That's certainly new for the Internet. Five years ago we talked about music on the Internet, we talked about photos on the Internet, but video was not a mainstream thing. Today, it's very mainstream. For all of these things we're just at the beginning of what technology can do."



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