Future's Vista title gets a rebrand

Windows: The Official Magazine set to receive full redesign in November
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Future has rebranded its official Vista magazine to reflect the growing range of markets that the brand covers, with a full redesign planned for the November issue.

From this month, it will be called Windows: The Official Magazine and continues to focus on Vista, but it will also expand its remit to include Windows 7, as well as Windows XP, Windows Live and Windows Mobile.

The publisher of Windows: The Official Magazine, Charlotte Morgan, said that the decision to change the magazine's name had been taken in conjunction with Microsoft. "The new name not only allows us to cover the new operating system, but also includes the growing areas of Windows Live and Windows Mobile.

"Future's research suggests that many households now have two or three PCs, many running different operating systems. The title change allows us to clearly cover the three latest versions of Windows – XP, Vista and Windows 7."