From Count Zeppelin to keyboards: A brief history of Cherry

Cherry's parent company traces its origins back to 1891
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PC accessory vendor Cherry was bought out by ZF in 2008 - and that firm can trace its origins all the way back to 1891. 

Here's a brief history of Cherry:

1891 - Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin resigns from the German army in order to build airships 

1915 - Von Zeppelin sets up ZF Group to make gears for airships, which later moves into the car market

1953 - Cherry Corporation is founded by Walter Cherry, who begins making switches

1967 - Cherry produces its first keyboard

2006 - ZF makes its ten millionth airbag casing and automatic transmission

2008 - ZF Group acquires Cherry Corporation

2014 - Cherry hits 60-year milestone and ZF approaches 100 years in business

Check out the full interview with Cherry UK MD Michael Groom also on the PCR website.