Freeview heading to Macs

EyeTV software enables PVR functionality in Apple machines
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Hauppauge has announced that Elgato’s EyeTV software is now available to download at its site, offering the chance for owners of an Apple Mac and a compatible Hauppauge TV tuner to transform their machines into fully functioning personal video recorders.

The software allows Mac and PC owners to both watch and record digital TV programming, as well as access programme guides, export videos to iPods and easily manage their playlists – whilst its duel tuner functions permit the recording of one program whilst another is being watched.

“Traditionally the TV hardware products for PCs and Macs have been quite different," Hauppauge’s UK MD and VP of sales Yehia Oweiss stated. “For the first time, a WinTV tuner will work on both a PC and a Mac, opening new opportunities for owners who want to move products between several machines.”

EyeTV is available to download now for €59.99 at Hauppauge’s website.



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