Firefox developer to create new mobile OS

Aimed at 'breaking the stranglehold of proprietary technologies'
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Firefox browser developers Mozilla announced a mobile operating system project code named 'Boot to Gecko'.

The team is aiming to use the core of the Android operating system and other components from Google's mobile operating system to create a operating system that will 'boot to the web', as they describe it.

At the heart of the idea is Mozilla's believe that web-based technologies can displace proprietary mobile operating system platforms and provide a common platform for application development.

Gecko is the name of Mozilla's rendering engine that turns web pages into what is ultimately displayed on screens. Mozilla researcher Andreas Gal said that he was interested in creating a 'web stack' that allow provide the mechanisms to run web applications on existing devices.

Gal did, however, state that Mozilla's ultimate goal is "breaking the stranglehold of proprietary technologies over the mobile device world."



Mozilla shutters Firefox OS

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