Father shoots daughter's laptop following Facebook tantrum

Viral YouTube video has apparently gathered wide support for destruction of a misbehaving teenager's computer
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An American father has ignited a storm of controversy for posting an online video lambasting his teenage daughter for a Facebook post before shooting her laptop.

In a video which has so far gathered over 20 million views and over 220 thousand 'likes', Tommy Jordan sits down in front of the camera and explains a brattish Facebook post made by his 15-year-old daughter where she describes her household chores as slavery and demands payment.

Her father, having subsequently spending the better part of a day updating the teenager's laptop and loading on new software, discovered the post - a mock letter to her parents with the privacy controls set so that her parents couldn't view the post.

Jordan reads the letter from a printout, setting his daughter straight before saying that there would be dire consequences. Those consequences would be a full clip of a .45 semi automatic handgun.

The teenager is "probably grounded to college", says Jordan, adding that the only laptop she will have access to is one that she buys from getting a part-time job. Apparently the cost of the ammo will also need to be met by his daughter.

By and large the post seems to have struck a nerve with those who presumably have experienced 'entitled' teenagers, as Americans would say. While there are some comments rightfully calling into question what role a firearm has in a family dispute, the overwhelming majority appear to support taking of a hard stance against misbehaviour on the social network Facebook.

The original Facebook thread is here with the YouTube video linked at the top. The video contains some mild language.