Fake Apple Watches sold at CES

The ‘Smart Watch’ features an alarm and stopwatch
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Chinese company Hyperdon was selling fake versions of the Apple Watch at CES this week.

The watch is simply called ‘Smart Watch’ and has many similar characteristics as the Apple Watch, including its strap design and display.

The watch’s screen only displays when it is turned on and also connects to an iPhone 6, playing music and making phone calls.

It also has a pedometer, stopwatch, alarm and a feature called anti lost.

However, the Smart Watch costs $27 (£17.86), a smaller price tag compared to Apple’s version that is priced at $349.

This news comes after reports suggest that the Apple Watch will launch in March.

Other variants of the Apple Watch have also been rumoured, including one with a diamond-encrusted design.

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Image source: Mashable