EVE Online sees 4,070 ships fight in record-breaking video game battle

Epic battle slows down games to 10 per cent of its normal speed
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Massive multiplayer space game EVE Online has played host to the largest-ever video game battle, with 4,070 pilots taking part.

The news came from the Software Director at CCP (the company that develops EVE Online), who tweeted about the record-breaking battle.

The huge swarm of ships, which were from two massive player alliances, CFC and TEST Alliance Please Ignore, caused the game to slow down to around 10 per cent of its normal speed.

CFC won the epic battle, although TEST later posted on its forum that it never really cared about winning, it just wanted to ‘go out with a bang’. Yeah, Yeah…

Eve Online celebrated its 10-year anniversary in May, where it was reported that game had over 500,000 subscribers. There is also an EVE Online TV series in the works which will be made up of stories submitted by players about their experiences and battles within the game.

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