DX10 hardware needn't be expensive

Nvidia blogger wants to see more reviews of mid-priced DX10 PCs
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"It would be great if we could see more reviews of $1000 DX10 PC line ups" said Nvidia's Roy Taylor (pictured) in his Nvidia Deveoper blog yesterday.

This blog entry was in fact a clarification of a post he had made the day before, which appeared to suggest that many DX10 machines were over-priced.

"It could be argued that these over priced, super high end machines being pushed by some of the bigger names in the PC business are damaging," said Taylor on Tuesday.

In his subnsequent clarification, Taylor stressed that his message was aimed at games publishers, who shouldn't be put off publishing DX10 games just because some DX10 PCs are very expensive.

"They aren’t representative of PC gaming for all and their relatively modest sales volumes shouldn’t inhibit publishers from supporting high-quality PC games development," he said.


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