DVD players and cable boxes will die out, says Roku

35 per cent of Roku customers don’t have cable or satellite subscriptions
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Anthony Wood, Roku CEO, believes it’s not long until all TV is streamed to a smart TV, gaming console or streaming player.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Wood commented: “Things like DVD players are going to go away. Cable boxes are obviously going away, too.

“DVRs are just a stepping stone technology. When everything is on demand, you won't have to record anything anymore so that's going to disappear.”

Wood also revealed that around 35 per cent of Roku customers don’t have cable or satellite subscriptions.

When asked about competition from Apple, Amazon and Google, the CEO stated that with every new announcement from those companies, Roku sales have grown: “Anything that gets people excited about streaming, we're for.”

Roku is best known for its streaming boxes and recently released an HDMI-enabled Streaming Stick. The firm also unveiled its first smart TV at this year’s CES.

The TV is set for release in the second half of this year and gives users full access to the Roku Channel Store, eliminating the need for any set-top-box or dongle.