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DSGi to merge Equanet and MacWarehouse

Reports suggest that retail group may be preparing to sell joint-operation
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DSGi is set to merge its Equanet and MacWarehouse operations as part of the retailer's on-going transformation of the business, but sources close to the company have said that the move a precursor to it being sold.

A spokesman speaking to Microscope confirmed that the two brands were being realigned, but stopped short of describing a complete merger. "[DSGi is] continuing to transform the business. The MacWarehouse brand – and all the benefits it offers to customers – is being more closely aligned to the Equanet brand going forward."

However, a source speaking to the magazine went on to add: "There will be two standalone businesses in the south that are branded Equanet – all self contained. DSGi could sell Equanet any company with a logistics capability and focus on its core SME market through PC World Business."

No job losses are anticipated from the move.



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