Dolby-powered netbooks get ?desktop-standard? headphone tech

Lenovo?s IdeaPad S12 and S10-2 to receive Dolby Headphone technology
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As well as announcing its latest multi-channel codec for the upcoming Windows 7 platform, Dolby has pledged to support the growing netbook market with its proprietary Headphone tech.

Currently there’s only one range of netbook that has been shown to feature Dolby Headphone technology – Lenovo’s IdeaPad S12 and S10-2 – but expect the tech to expand to other products.

Dolby says that the technology provides “enthralling surround sound experience” comparable to the kinds of audio quality you would expect on desktop and laptops.

Dolby Headphone creates its sound by creating five virtual speakers in a virtual room, with the resulting sounds being channelled through the headphones.

“We’re proving that small portable products like the IdeaPad S12 and S10-2 netbooks need not sacrifice the entertainment experience for size,” said Dolby’s Mary Anderson.