Does chocolate spread work as thermal paste? - video

Cooler Master experiments as part of International Nutella Day
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This is definitely a case of 'don't try this at home' (or at the repair desk).

Cooler Master has experimented with using chocolate spread on a CPU as an alternative to thermal paste, to celebrate International Nuttela Day (no - we didn't know it was a thing either).

The vendor has put together a video of the experiment which we've 'pasted' for you below. 

The firm heated the Nutella to begin with and cleaned the CPU, before applying a dab of the chocolate spread. 

Surprisingly, the Nutella kept Cooler Master's test processor running at a minimum temperature of 21ºC and a maximum of 50ºC for a while. 

However, like we say it's not worth trying this at home as the Nutella will eventually dry out and harm your CPU.

But... it does smell nicer than standard thermal paste.