Dell: the PC is not dead

Claims there is still plenty of room for the device, despite HP?s moves to distance itself from the market
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Michael Dell, founder of the namesake PC vendor, has been singing the praises of the good old fashioned personal computer, after IBM claimed the was dead and HP announced it may sell or spin off its PC division.

There is still ‘big room’ for the PC, despite the invasion of tablets and cloud computing, he said.

Speaking of HP’s recent moves to seemingly distance itself from the PC hardware market, “Sometimes the ball bounces in your direction, this is one of those things that happened to us to which we had no control over,” reports Marketing Week.

He also insisted Dell is ‘very different’ to HP.

“There are three parts to our industry: hardware, software and services. Software is great, but you have to run it on something. We do believe the value will shift to software services but even as it evolves hardware won’t go away.”