Dell feel the wrath of Chinese revolt

Dissatisfied Chinese customers form 'gangs' for lawsuits
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Dell has come under fire from disgruntled customers who claim to have been mis-sold products.

China Tech News reports that the consumer revolt seems to have stemmed from one customer who reportedly filed a lawsuit following a purchase of a Dell Inspiring 640M laptop, which contained a cheaper CPU than the one advertised.

Following the complaint, a refund was demanded, yet Dell refused reportedly saying customers wouldn't notice any difference in performance.

Earlier in August, 19 customers filed a class action lawsuit against Dell, accusing the company of fraud and claiming compensation amounting to double the original cost of the allegedly mis-configured products, as well as legal costs. According to Economic Daily News, a campaign group named "10,000 consumers suing Dell" is speculated to be growing in size.

Delivery times have also irked many consumers in China, with reports that Dell's promised schedules are becoming delayed by more than 2 weeks.




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