Concerns rise over Apple server security

Research suggests Apple servers are more vulnerable than Windows
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Attendees at the Black Hat security conference will be warned that Apple servers may be more vulnerable to attack than their Windows-based counterparts.

Consulting firm iSEC Partners showed an advance copy of its presentation to the Financial Times, which showed that despite the fact that Apple’s end-user devices suffer a lower proportion of malware attacks, a skilled hacker would find it easier to dominate an Apple network once they’d gained access.

The firm, which advises US commercial banks on their security, noted that despite the fact that Apple has improved security with each new version of Mac OS, it is no longer protected by obscurity and so the frequency of infections is increasing.

This latest announcement comes after Apple users suffered an outbreak of pesterware, and just days after Microsoft claimed to have discovered a Mac-specific variant of the Olyx Trojan.



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