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Comet to stock ultra-thin Hitachi TV

10.9kg, 35mm flat screen television to go on sale next month
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Comet has announced that it will be stocking Hitachi's ultra-thin LCD, which weighs in at tiny 10.9kg and is just 35mm thick.

At around a third of the size of a regular flat screen television, Comet has high hopes that the TV will float off the shelves when it arrives in store next month.

Commenting on the news, Comet's head of brown goods, Bill Moir said: "TV's just keep getting thinner and customers have fully embraced the change from the big black boxes of yesteryear – 95 per cent of all the TVs we now sell are flat screen.

"We expect this new technology to fly off the shelves as people clamour to get their hands on this ground-breaking new bit of kit."


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