Christmas is coming

Windows 7 should give the whole channel a much needed sales boost over the Christmas period. With a good press right from the start, unlike its predecessor Vista, there are a lot of excellent opportunities with Windows 7. New users who are unfamiliar with the OS will need help, others will want to upgrade, and there will be lots of new computers to configure.
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There will be huge bunch of noobs this Christmas as mums, dads and grannies take the plunge for the first time and try to figure out how to look at the Christmas photos on Facebook. Here's hoping for a good festive season.

And where are we going to be in a few years time? Will we be sales guys or techies? Looking to the future, the trends are obvious. Computer ownership will continue to grow and there will be little or no margin on sales for a long time to come. All of us need to be ruthless therefore with our stock purchases.

We can’t afford to be the cash cow milked to death by vendors or disties who are eager to subsidise their new customers. If loyalty is not going to be rewarded and if our margins are not going to be protected then we have to look for the cheapest source for our products to minimise losses and focus on service and training for our profits.

We have to be careful though, because some big names are trying to move into services with monthly contracts and call centres. Our advantage over them is we can do services and training face to face. We can see the look of horror as we explain to a customer how they have been ‘0wn3d’ because of a simple mistake. We can also see how well consumers are able to understand us, as we explain and teach them something new so it doesn't happen again. We can also see the look of joy as grandma is finally able to see pictures of her grandchildren.


A breath of fresh air

It?s so nice to have confidence in the products you sell. A prime example is Windows 7. It?s a dream to install, set up, use and sell. So far it looks like the best OS from Microsoft. A lot of hard lessons have been learnt in the last few years, so let?s hope it can keep up with the good work. However, a problem still exists with the lack of repair options and product keys wearing out, so there is still a bit to do to make everyone happy.

Times are changing

We were recently contacted by a start-up business, wanting to do the right thing by joining the appropriate trade association and asking if there were any special qualifications needed, or regulations to comply with, if they were to build and sell computers.