Britain?s addicted to e-mail

Survey claims that over half of 25-30 year olds ‘could not survive’ without it
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The BBC reports that software firm Nasstar has found that half of 25 to 34 year old male Britons claim that they would ‘not be able to carry on’ without email – and that it’s the middle ages, and not teens, who are most addicted.

41 per cent of teenagers said they were reliant on email, with the South East of England proving to be the most addicted area. Wales, on the other hand, came out lowest, with only 34 per cent of respondents saying email was vital.

And it was women, not men, who admitted to be the most hooked, with 41 per cent of them, compared to 37 per cent of men, saying they would be lost without their inbox.

“The first wave was the mobile phone, and many of us would admit we rely on our mobile and can't remember how we ever survived without it,” Nasstar Chief executive Charles Black stated.

“This poll shows that the next phase is the growth of mobile email. While teenagers are passionate about their mobile phones and texting in particular, the older generations are relying more and more on e-mail because of its use in a business capacity.”