Blinged up custom PC case features hundreds of pink and white gems

"Bejeweled" Faux Jewel encrusted BitFenix Phenom M Rig pictured
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Custom PC cases can be beautiful things - they can also be hideously striking, pink, white and garish.

This Faux Jewel encrusted BitFenix Phenom M Rig titled "Bejeweled" has been created by Zarah May, and has hundreds of little gems stuck to it.

It's not exactly our cup of tea (we still prefer this Legend of Zelda themed PC), but you can't deny it certainly has its own unique look and feel. It's also accompanied with a blinged up pink and white keyboard, along with a pink and black mouse and headset.

How cute.

You can check out some images below and on the BitFenix Facebook page.

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