Biggest-ever EVE Online battle sees destruction worth £120,000

One of ‘Titan’ ships destroyed in fight was worth over £3,000
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EVE Online has set a new record for the costliest battle to take place in the space MMO.

Over 2,200 players met to do battle in a variety of ships, including several of the largest and most valuable vehicles available – Titans.

Over 75 Titans, which often take hundreds of hours of gameplay and substantial real-life monetary investment to build, were destroyed during the fight, which was estimated to have cost over £120,000 worth of damage in total when converted to real currency.

One of the Titans destroyed was itself worth 222 billion ISK (the game’s in-game currency) – worth over £3,000 in real-world cash. Many of the other Titans were valued at a similar figure.

Despite the battle racking up the largest bill in the game’s ten-year history, it still remains to be seen whether the player count matches the player count of a previous battle, which saw over 4,000 of EVE’s roughly 500,000-strong user base collide.

Executive producer of the game David Reid previously told PCR that he expected “EVE to outlive us all”, following the announcement that the title had seen a continuous growth of player numbers throughout its decade-long lifetime – an unrivalled feat for an MMO.



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