BETT: 'Education now open for business'

Changes to ICT funding systems means schools can spend money on what they need more easily
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Resellers are being presented with the ideal opportunity to break into the educational market thanks to changes in the way that schools receive their ICT funding, according to marketing manager of BETT organiser EMAP Connect, Keith Clifford.

"It is a really exciting time to be in the education market," said Clifford. "The combination of the Government finally scrapping eLearning Credits – a scheme that created huge barriers to entry into the education market – and the rise of low cost laptops has created a market where businesses that traditionally would not have been able to get into it, are now able to."

There are still barriers to being able to sell into education. The main one is gaining Becta accreditation, though the body was keen to stress that it isn't as difficult to gain as it seems.

"Resellers still need it to be able to sell into institutions," the spokeswoman told PC Retail. "However, the process is relatively simple and all the details are on our website."

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