BETT 2010: Hitachi launches StarBoard

New series of interactive whiteboards unveiled at trade show
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3_Hitachi Whiteboard S.jpg

Hitachi used this year’s BETT to announce the launch of its FX-77G2 series of interactive whiteboards in the UK, and its associated PX-Duo-50-P plasma overlay.

The FX-77G2 has been built on the success of the FX series and offers a number of improvements, including a lighter surface and improved brackets for easier mounting. Magnets can now be fixed to the board without risk of damage and a separate dry erase surface means that the device can be used as a traditional whiteboard if necessary.

The device also comes equipped with a full set of digital resources and includes over 2000 lesson plans formatted within the software.

The PX-Duo-50-P is an interactive plasma overlay that fits over the whiteboard and offers enhanced features, including improved function buttons, and it is this device that can turn the FX-77G2 in to a multi-touch display.