BBC?s Kirsty Wark: Macs are ?much cooler? than PCs

Newsnight anchor talks tech, "can't imagine" having a Kindle or iPad
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Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark has branded Macs “much cooler” than PCs, and said the iPhone is her favourite piece of technology.

“Just having it somewhere that I can store things and communicate despite the fact that the drain on the battery is huge,” Wark said of the Apple smartphone, adding that she would like a voice activation function on the device.

When asked by The Observer what type of computer she preferred, the BBC anchor said: “PC, because traditionally I've always used PCs, but Macs are much cooler, although I can't see myself changing now.”

Wark added that she preferred to buy CDs and printed books, rather than downloading electronic content. “I can't imagine having a Kindle or an iPad,” she said.

Image: BBC