AVG update crashes Windows 7

Blue screen of death greets 64-bit OS users
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Following reports of Windows 7 64-bit users facing blue-screens after an AVG virus software update, the company has issued a fix to address the Windows-breaking update.

“AVG regrets any inconvenience this is causing our customers and we are working quickly to resolve this issue. AVG has pulled down the update and will release a program to make the fix automatically shortly,” said AVG in a release.

Following the AVG update, users that rebooted their computer were confronted by the blue screen of death and an error message that said “the program can't start because %hs is missing.”

The problem is the result of AVG sending an incorrect update for 64-bit systems which would then replace several DLLs with incorrect versions. Such issues are not uncommon with rival security software vendors McAfee and BitDefender also providing system-breaking updates.

AVG has instructions for the firm’s 64-bit owners to remedy the issue. If users have applied the update already, they are advised not to reboot.