Asus teases tablet smartphone hybrid Padfone

Also promises netbook revival with ultra-thin X101
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At a pre-Computex show event, Taiwanese notebook maker Asus teased a range of new products inclusing a combination tablet-smartphone device called the Asus Padfone.

The innovative device combines a seperate 3G smartphone and a 10.1-inch tablet computer with a dock in the rear for the smartphone. The phone provides 3G connectivity while the larger tablet battery charges the smartphone.

In addition to the Padfone is a new Eee PC X101 netbook which is said to be just 1.8cm thick and available in four colours. The Eee PC X101 weighs just 950gr and in a base configuration will cost just $199.

Interestingly Asus is harking back to the Linux-enabled original Eee netbook with the offer of installing either Windows or the MeeGo operating system. The netbook will also be available with a solid state drive.

Further details on the Asus Padfone and the Eee PC X101 will be available as they go on display at the Computex show.