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Asus planning new Eee ranges

Leaked roadmap reveals total of 23 models; unveils Pro Fashion and Ultimate ranges
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Asus is preparing to drastically revamp its Eee line of netbooks, according to a leaked roadmap.

The roadmap, leaked to Engadget Chinese, reveals the firm has a staggering 23 models planned, with the company planning on splitting the brand into three segments aimed at different markets.

The current models, both those released and those announced, are all in its 'Smart Casual' range, with a multitude of previously unannounced models present such as more HD models, the first of which was exclusively revealed by PC Retail at the beginning of this month.

It also reveals that the firm is planning a Pro Fashion range aimed at the likes of insurance salespeople, Journalists and Estate Agents. The third, and pinnacle, category is its Ultimate range, which it claims will be extremely slim and light and is being aimed at traveling explorers and free writers.

There is no word on when this roadmap is due to come into effect, although we are expecting Asus to comment before the end of the week.

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