Asus launch new gaming motherboards

P5K3 and Blitz motherboards launched to cater for high-end gamers
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The world's largest motherboard manufacturer, Asus, has recently launched 2 gaming orientated motherboards. Asus say that the Blitz and P5K3 models are designed to replace "home entertainment systems everywhere with advanced technologies, better graphics and performance." The Blitz motherboard includes a sound card, one firewire port and two USB.

Ben Berraondo, spokesperson for Asus, tells PC Retail: "As it stands one in three of the gaming motherboards worldwide are Asus. The new products will be pushing some real boundaries in PC gaming. Our products are aimed at the premium end of the market and as a result real hardcore gaming enthusiasts should consider the Asus motherboards when upgrading their machines."

Berraondo also confirmed speculation that Asus will launch a "Bamboo" notebook before the end of 2007, saying: "The notebooks casing will be made entirely from natural bamboo".



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