Asus expands Eee PC range

Vendor to release two new versions of the stripped down laptop
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Following on from the huge success of the original Eee PC range, Asus is bolstering its offering with two further models.

The 904 and 905 will have 8.9-inch screens, smaller than the 901’s 10.2-inch offering, but will come with larger keyboards. Apparently it is still being decided whether or not to give them extra battery and storage capacity.

The two new models should retail at a similar price point to the 900 and 901, which they will eventually replace. Asus is apparently considering whether or not to drop the prices of the older models in order to leave the way clear for the updated versions.

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Asus EEE PC 1000

So, hot on the heels of the 901 comes the 1000. It takes the same styling as the 8.9-inch model, so packs in a six-cell battery and the same design styling around the screen and hinge and even uses the same high-gloss plastic.