Asda announces audio and audio-visual equipment sale

Asda slashes prices of MP3 players, speakers and home cinema kits
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As Christmas approaches, British supermarket chain Asda has slashed the prices of its audio range.

Highlights of the sale includes a 2GB Archos Clipper MP3 player now priced at £14.99 and a 4GB Archos 1 Vision MP3 Player, which can be snapped up for £25. Similar price cuts can be found on iPod docks and surround sound speakers. 

As well as audio equipment, there are some home cinema bargains too. The price of Asda’s RCA 5.1 DVD home theatre system has been cut to £75. The kit includes a DVD player, 5 speakers, a subwoofer, and the ability to upscale picture quality to HD resolution.

Asda technology expert, Ryan Longstaff, said: “We’re offering customers fantastic quality digital audio products at amazing prices. For under £15, you can take home an MP3 player the size of a matchbox and whilst it may be small, it can fit up to 100 albums inside.”


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MP3 Players can be sold as a relatively low-cost Christmas present, as well as offering a valuable avenue for add-on sales?