Aria continues Rush Hour super offer

Components, peripherals and technology supplier Aria is launching Rush Hour VII on October 13th – its seventh 14-hour price drop which runs every two to three weeks, and offers some of its more popular products at heavily reduced prices for one hour each.
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In the past Rush Hour has been one of Aria’s most popular promotions, the first of which attracted 270,000 visitors in June. A conveyor belt style system displays six items at a time up for sale for every hour, and then replaces them with a further six items. Though the deal is mostly aimed at consumers, Aria claims that the heavy price slashing often attracts trade customers as well.

Though the firm is keeping tight lipped about information to avoid pre-emptive under-cutting from rival companies, PC Retail can reveal that the meta-sale will include the likes of the Mio C210 satellite navigation device and the Biostar IDEQ 300G Barebones system – while the Aria 32 inch Widescreen LCD HD TV will receive a ‘major reduction’, and its VoIP USB Skype phone will go for £6.99.



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