Apple pays out for parents of IAP kids

Parents involved in a class action lawsuit against Apple will receive gift cards
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Apple has revealed details of the compensation it will give to the parents whose kids spent ludicrous amounts of money on in-app purchases.

Emails were sent out to the 23 million people involved in a class action lawsuit, revealing that they were entitled to claim some money back.

Parents have got until January 13th 2014 to claim a $5 iTunes gift card if their kids spent less than $30. Those whose children ran up more than that within a 45-day period will be compensated up to the amount that was spent.

The class action lawsuit was launched against Apple in 2011 over in-app purchases after it appeared children could buy IAPs in certain apps without having to re-enter passwords.

Back in May, PCR reported that kids’ unauthorised IAPs added £30 million to UK parents’ bills. After numerous accounts of kids easily spending real cash on IAPs, including a five-year old who spent £1,700, OFT announced that it was to investigate free apps that offer IAPs.