Apple iPhone 6 rumoured to have temperature, pressure and humidity sensors

Source claims Apple will ‘catch up in the sensors department’
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The next iPhone may feature sensors for atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, according to electronics analyst Chang Xu.

On her Weibo account Chang Xu, news chief analyst at ESM-China, said that sources close to the matter revealed that Apple will ‘catch up in the sensors department’.

Other rumours making the rounds suggest that the iPhone 6 will feature a larger 4.7-inch screen packed into the same size front panel as the existing Phone 5 and 5S.

The new screen may have a 1600x900 resolution, making it greater than the ones currently used in the iPhone 5S 5C and 5.

Another report suggests that the iPhone 6 will be joined by an even larger smartphone when it’s unveiled this year. A 5.6-inch phone featuring a sapphire screen is rumoured to not carry the ‘iPhone’ brand name.