AMD's Radeon R9 290X price leaked

UK gamers set to pay out more than their US counterparts
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A list of prices for AMD's new graphics cards from MSI has made its way online, revealing that the Radeon R9 290X could set European gamers back a whopping €649.

The list, obtained by, is as follows:

  • R9 290X: €649 (£550)
  • R9 290: €519 (£440)
  • R9 280X: €279 (£235)
  • R9 270X Hawk: €219 (£185)
  • R9 270X Gaming: €199 (£170)
  • R7 260X OC: €129 (£110)
  • R7 250: €95 (£80)

The site claims that this is the data that is being sent out to retailers, saying stores will begin selling the new cards this Friday (October 11th).

The Pounds totals are only a direct translation of the Euro prices, meaning it’s not unlikely the actual UK prices could be slightly higher. Either way, it seems UK gamers will be paying quite a bit more for the R9 290X than their US counterparts, who will be able to get the graphics card for around $699 – which works out at £435.

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