AMD?s quad core CPUs on the way

Phenom processors due to arrive later this year.
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ZDNet reports that AMD is preparing to unveil a quad core processor named Phenom later this year. Two models are set to be unveiled – the Phenom FX and Phenom X4. There will also be a dual-core version called the Phenom X2.

With Intel currently leading the quad core market, this move cannot come soon enough for AMD. The recent release of Microsoft’s Windows Vista has significantly increased the need for multi-core PC processors.

And whilst Intel’s multi-core chips basically contain several processors working in unison, AMD is taking the approach of developing a single chip with four individual cores.

Leslie Sobon, director of AMD’s desktop division, says that the Phenom brand is set to become the firm’s leading brand for high-performance CPUs in the future. However, for the time being AMD’s Athlon brand will remain its leading light, with the Sempron line also set to continue.

Intel is itself scheduled to release a new range of quad core processors later this year.



Core blimey

AMD has announced the immediate availability of the AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor. The processor is poised to deliver an experience unmatched in the industry.


Intel Core 2 Duo Quad and Core 2 Extreme

The Core 2 Quad range includes both 65nm and 45nm parts, based on the Kentfield and Yorkfield cores respectively. Internally, they're effectively a pair of Core 2 Duo processors built into one chip. As AMD likes to point out, this is less efficient than the Phenom's fully integrated design, as cores on different dies can't communicate directly at the chip's full internal speed. Instead, they have to pass data back and forth via the slower front side bus.