AMD?s new Puma chipset out in the open

100 laptops to feature new circuit boards; unveiling expected at Taiwan?s Computex show in June
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Though an official announcement is not expected until later in the month, AMD’s John Taylor has let slip the firm’s plans for its upcoming laptop-friendly Puma chipset.

The Inquirer
reports that Puma’s key selling point is its ‘hybrid’ graphics setup, which sees an integrated GPU put in the footwork when low-powered applications are in use and a dedicated GPU spring into life when processor-hungry applications are launched.

The idea is that this saves on battery power yet still offer plenty of oomph for gaming and the like. Other battery-friendly features include temporary chip shut-off when components are idle.

The first Puma-based laptops, which AMD reckons will number around 100, are expected to be unveiled at the Computex show in Taiwan in June.