AMD to launch new triple-cores in February

New budget-level product lines unveiled for early 2008
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The Californian vendor has plans to launch two triple-core CPUs (Toliman) in February next year, with two dual-core processors (Kuma) scheduled for the second quarter, according to sources at motherboard maker.

The triple-core processors, 7700 and 7600, will have core frequencies of 2.5GHz and 2.3GHz, a TDP of 89W, and will appeal to those consumers not ready to splash out on quad-core models. Details on the dual-core processors are not yet forthcoming, but sources have pointed to a TDP of 65W.

In addition to this, AMD are also planning to launch the single-core Athlon CPU (Lima) LE-1640 in January, while higher frequency versions will following in the second quarter.