AMD: Desktop is not in decline

Vendor says components sales point towards continued interest in upgrades
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AMD’s EMEA channel director, Andrew Buxton has told PCR that the desktop segment is still very much alive and is being sustained by a strong consumer interest in upgrades.

Citing the growth in PC repairs and system building, Buxton stated that the challenge for AMD had actually been in meeting demand for components.

“Unit-wise things have been quite a bit stronger than we previously thought,” Buxton told PCR. “So the challenge is more in terms of availability – making sure that we have enough stock to meet demand – than trying to make sales, especially at the entry level. That has actually gone better than expected.”

Although market researchers often release figures citing the decline in shipments of pre-assembled PCs as evidence of a decline in desktop sales, Buxton feels that these do not accurately reflect the true nature of the desktop market.

“Increasingly what we see happening is that people want a nice solid home family PC, and they’ll build a new one and pass on the old – this is a market we see as really strong at the moment,” observed Buxton.

“I think this is rightly perceived as the best value way of getting what you want. I think people across Europe are going for value, instead of just buying a brand and then finding out it’s not quite what they want and having to add components later.”

To read the full interview with Andrew Buxton, follow this link.