Alleged Apple iTablet ?caught on camera'

VIDEO: Shaky cam footage slammed as phony, but is it?
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Video footage of what appears to be Apple’s alleged Tablet device is being posted on a growing number of tech websites.

Gaining nicknames such as “MacBook Touch”, “iTablet” and “iProd”, the rumoured ten-inch touch-screen tablet is visibly building buzz ahead of any Apple announcement.

Given the nature of the internet, and indeed the distinctive passion Apple fans tend to exude, few seem surprised that home-made YouTube videos of the device have surfaced.

If the videos are indeed bogus – and many YouTube commenters see it as such – their existence nevertheless exemplifies the halo that Apple has around its products.

See for yourself - the video in question can be found below.

Apple has declined to comment on the existence of the alleged device, though insiders insist it’s real.



Caught on camera

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