All about the training

My column last month concerning the way ahead for the indie channel seems to have struck a chord with a great many independents.
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It seems that both Brigantia members and non-aligned indies are not only looking for a meaningful umbrella self-accreditation badge such as our Brigantia Computer Experts scheme, but for a wider range of meaningful training courses and certifications to give it teeth.

It looks like the NEF University scheme that Brigantia is promoting covering courses such as Cisco CCNA, Microsoft MCSE, CompTIA A+, Net+, Security +, IT Security (CISSP), Web Master and Project Management Professional (PMP) have all been well received, but that the general consensus is that this is only part of the answer.

Lee Collins is known to many of our members as someone who started off as a standard computer solution provider member but then expanded his local laptop repair business to offer support to others.

Collins built up Cambridge Laptop Repair into a thriving business which he recently sold to Brett Matthews from PC Call. Matthews is now expanding the business further. Collins, not resting on his laurels, has started a new business called Parts For My Laptop, which – as the name suggests – is specialising in distributing spare parts for laptops and provides training courses to assist computer solution providers to do basic laptop repairs locally. Brigantia will be working closely with both Collins and Matthews to develop this ever-expanding area of the independent marketplace.

Members are also looking for an alternative to handing their existing customers with VOIP requirements to those offering hosted solutions or local telecoms resellers. Many already successfully resell the comprehensive range of broadband and VOIP products on offer from Entanet. Substantial ongoing revenue streams have been built up by members that are reselling Entanet services.

Members also have the option of working with 123VISP which offers a tremendous brokerage service for broadband, and VOIP services and again provide an excellent ongoing recurrent revenue stream for members.

On the printer repair side Express Group is intending to offer training courses to members that are interested in developing this side of their businesses. Express already provides an excellent spare parts service on the printer side and can often locate obsolete or hard-to-find parts and components.


Are you covered?

Last month I wrote about the power of leasing and how this could be put to good use by indies during these tough economic times. My email inbox has had some interesting correspondence in it.


Making cash is all about productivity

Microsoft Office might dominate the sector?s mindshare, but that doesn?t mean there aren?t some equally big names, and some smaller ones, that can help you 'produce' more money, as Ben Furfie found out this month?

Storm on the horizon

In my opinion, the next six to 12 months are going to be sheer hell in the UK marketplace, as we see the effects of the long overdue reduction in big government.

The way ahead for the indie channel

I have written before in this column about how important I believe it is for independent computer solution providers to turn their ?on the job? knowledge into industry recognised certifications. This becomes particularly relevant when the potential customer is a local or national government department or other government funded organisation.


Hail to the king

We were honoured to be one of the nominated vendors for the PCR Awards and it is really exciting to have won Specialist Vendor for two years running. It is great to get this recognition from our channel partners and it is really motivating for the whole team at Kingston Technology. We are working hard to ensure that we retain the crown next year!

Deal or ideal - you decide

A little while ago, one of the highlights of the independent's year was SCoRE, NASCR?s own trade show. Many people have expressed a wish to bring it back again ? but it isn?t practical, as we have moved away from member benefits that are seen as more suited to buying groups.



The last 12 months have seen renewed effort from tech heavyweight Intel to retake the CPU performance crown from AMD. Scott Bicheno spoke to Intel director Steve Shakespeare to find out if this vigour has achieved the desired results...