Adobe to phase out boxed product

Web 2.0 Summit: Adobe boss Bruce Chizen wants to deliver all product over the web
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Adobe is the latest software giant to concede that web subscription is the way forward for its sector. However, Chizen thinks it may take up to ten years to complete the transition to a pure software-as-a-service (SAAS) model.

Quoted on ZDNet, Chizen said "The desktop is a powerful, powerful machine in which to run applications. Broadband, as quick as it gets, is still going to have some limitations in the short term." He also said that he expects people to choose between paying a subscription or being bombarded with advertising every time they use the software, with many opting for the former.

Microsoft has been flirting with SAAS for a while and is facing increasing competition from the free productivity suite Open Office.

Not much else of note has emerged from the summit, with Nokia avoiding questions about its new web services play: Ovi and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg avoiding questions about pretty much anything.



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