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Acer offers up Star Trek-themed Aspire R7

One is up for auction on eBay, and it Also goes on display at Computex 2013
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Acer has launched a Star Trek-themed Aspire R7. What would Kirk think?

The firm has partnered with Paramount for the promotion, which is purely on a limited edition basis for the moment.

The key to its Star Trekky glory is an engraved stainless steel Star Trek logo, plus Star Trek logo sleeve. It is not yet confirmed as to whether it has any warp capabilities.

Its flexible design means its easy for users to reposition the touchscreen - even to make it somewhat Enterprise-shaped.

Only 25 Star Trek Aspire R7's have been produced, with one on eBay, with an auction that will run from June 14th-24th. Proceeds will go to charities Save the Children and A Mission Continues.



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