Acer launches dual-format HD drive PC

Vendor claims first HD DVD ? Blu-ray combination to market
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Acer claims it has launched the dual-format high-definition PC in its Aspire M5630 series.

Up until now, the handful of computers that have featured HD drives have had either a HD DVD or Blu-ray drive. The inclusion of Hitachi-LG's dual-format drive, the GGC-H20N, means that Acer's machine can play both.

The high-end PC, which also comes in Core 2 Duo E4500 and Q6600 flavours, has 2GB RAM and an ATI x2400 Pro 256MB PCIe graphics card. It also comes with a HDCP compliant 22-inch LCD monitor allowing it to play AACS protected content.

There is not word on when it will reach the EU or US channels.