Acer closes in on Dell

Latest notebook figures show Taiwanese vendor may become replace Dell as second largest
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Sales of notebooks have shown no signs of slowing down, despite growing concerns of the possible impact of a global credit crunch.

According to the latest figures, released today by market research firm DisplaySearch, the market grew by 24 per cent during the third quarter, and 42 per cent during the year to date.

The continued growth has seen Acer move within range of realistically overtaking Dell as the second largest vendor of laptops within the next few years. Acer currently has 12.8 per cent of the market, while Dell has just 13.8 per cent.

However, HP continues to dominate the market with the company shipping 6.2 million units last quarter; 72 per cent more than the company shipped the same time last year.



Acer in the hole

After a storming Q3 and Q4, in which it held the number one vendor spot for notebooks in the UK, Acer is looking forward to another growth year in 2009, despite the economic malaise much of the industry is feeling. Andrew Wooden talks to UK country manager Bobby Watkins?