Abit motherboard division under pressure

Parent company USI unhappy with vendor's performance ? may pull plug on division
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Universal Scientific Industrial is considering pulling its Abit brand out of the motherboard market after poor sales of its latest Intel P45-series range, according to channel sources reports Digitimes.

The reports suggest that USI is unhappy with the performance of Abit's boards, both in terms of performance and sales, but Abit itself has denied any knowledge of plans to pull the plug on the firm's motherboard operations.

According to figures obtained by Digitimes, Abit – which shipped 2-3 million in 2007 and had a target of 6 million in 2008 – has seen a decrease in shipments, something that according to sources speaking to the site has caused the vendor's parent company to evaluate the brand's future.

However, sources were keen to stress that it is not planning on killing off the Abit brand if it does pull out of the motherboard market; rather it would refocus it on markets where it is performing well such as graphics.



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