?80s home computer war becomes comedy show

Sir Clive Sinclair versus Chris Curry to be broadcast on UK TV

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The story of how the home computer gained prominence throughout the eighties is being retold - in a new BBC comedy drama. 

The new show, called Syntax Era, is currently in production and will air on UK TV later in the year. It will focus on the growing rivalry between Sir Clive Sinclair and his former colleague Chris Curry; masterminds behind rival systems the Spectrum ZX and the BBC Micro.

“Those of us who lived through the 1980s will remember the sense of excitement when gadget and technology started to appear in our homes, but not many of us will know the fascinating stories behind their arrival,” said Richard Klein, controller of station BBC4. 

Sinclair and Curry will be played by Alexander Armstrong and Martin Freeman. Klein said the two are “excellent choices to portray Sir Clive Sinclair and Chris Curry at a time when battling to have the UK's most-loved home computer was their number one priority."



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